A negative impact from the social networking sites: How Does Social Networking Affect Your Health and Well-Being?

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That’s my analysis from the article:


The article shows how people’s health could be harmed through the use of large scale of social networking sites. The article says that those sites reduce levels of face to face contact. Example of Web sites such as Facebook can create an illusion of socialization. For example a user with a large network of friends using the Facebook can think that is connected well in society but they are having a wrong illusion of socialization.

A lack of real social networking, which includes the involvement of personal interaction, may bring even biological effects to the users.  Those biological effects can be the alteration of the way genes works, upset immune response, change of hormone levels, altering the function of arteries and influence the mental performance. Also it could increase the risk of health problems as serious as cancer, strokes, heart disease, and dementia (Sigman, Aric, 2009) [4].

This negative impact of networking websites can be even worse for children because those sites are making people become more isolated. Instead of playing and socialising with other children they are spending a lot of hours using this electronic media. This can lead to reduce the capacity of people to develop their social skills and their ability to read body language.

A child should interact with others to learn about how to live in a socialized world in a near future. This lack of socialization can bring in difficulties for this person to deal with life in school, job and even relationships. When this child get older becomes more difficult to learn how to live with others. The childhood is the best time to learn communication skills.

In the case of children, the parents are very often the most responsible to this growing use of Internet. Scared of letting their child socialise due to the numerous risks in the modern life, the parents prefer to let their children at home and the Internet can be the escape for them. Also nowadays the imposition of having technologic skills to any profession makes people using more the computer. Nobody can get a good job nowadays without no computer knowledge (Ware, Jim, 2009) [5].

Before the use of technology on communication people needed a face to face approach to communicate with the others. This could make a better development of socialization. Only from using face to face communication we can get from the other not only the verbal message but also the feeling that this person is having at the moment.

[4] Sigman, Aric. Well connected? The biological implications of ‘social networking’. Biologist. Volume 56. Number 1. 2009 February.

[5] Ware, Jim. How does social networking affect your health?. Future of Work. 2009 March.


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