Social networking and IT sustainability

September 22, 2009 at 3:18 am 1 comment

IT sustainability issue is related to those articles below in a way of how the media can use the new technologies to work on issues that helps the environment. Nowadays the most discussed subject is the usage of paper. Large media groups use a huge amount of papers daily to delivery information that can be delivered online. The big problem in this case is the difficulty of the media to change the concept of the readers that online information does not bring the same credibility than the newspaper.

This lack of credibility from online media sources is based on the facility to post news on the net. This facility brings a huge amount of non worth information, what makes the readers confused to choose the best source. Actually the newspapers work in the fact that their information is more detailed and organised and has more credibility that the information spread online.

Also the impact of technology on journalism is changing the way that the newspapers deal with the news. The new “citizen journalism” became a good source of information. Such citizen journalism is happening in some cases almost accidentally with most people just sending the information off to their friends. Those sites are informal modes of news dissemination.

Today mainstream media is learning how to utilize better the online social networking to connect with its audience. Either this connection may be helpful (by gathering more information from many sources) or it also can have the intention to receive a feedback from the articles published already to see the reaction of the readers.

The relation between this to the sustainably is that the media agents are using the internet to replace the journalist that goes to work in the office. Many companies nowadays are using journalists who works at home, since it may save energy to the company and if we thing about the whole environment it also helps to reduce the air pollution once that this professional does not have to move from home to work.

To sum up, the mix of the use of online reader as sources of information and the advent of this new category of journalist which works from home can be helpful to reduce the use the energy in the planet.  Also the change of the way to deliver the information from the physical paper used today to online newspapers can be an important step to help the environment.


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  • 1. Samantha  |  October 22, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    Personally I enjoy much more reading my traditional newspaper on the terrace with a good coffee even if I do check the news on line sometimes.


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