YouTube reaches a billion hits daily

October 15, 2009 at 11:54 am Leave a comment

Y, 000,000,000 uTube. With this title, the creator and CEO of YouTube, Chad Hurley, said in a blog post on the official channel of videos that the site has scored more than one billion hits per day.

In other words: every minute, 700 million people access the site. “This is a great time in our short history, and we owe all this to you,” he wrote.

YouTube was created in 2005 and purchased exactly three years ago by Google. “Three years ago featured turn to team up with Google on our common goal of organizing the world’s information (in our case, video) and make it more easily and quickly accessible to all,” he said.

In the text, Hurley recalls the basic principles with which they are committed from the outset: videos that can be loaded quickly, keep them short so that the User can view a wide variety of content, and open platform for anyone with a camera, a computer and internet, can share his life and his art with the rest of the world.

To celebrate the milestone, the English-language YouTube shows a logo with a caption that says “1 million hits per day.”


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