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The Internet as a collaborative communication medium

The internet is probably the most collaborative communication medium. Users can interact with the source of the information and also with others readers. This active participation is creating a new role for the user in this medium where they can create content, comments, chat, etc. Creating a network of information that is not only restrict of who write the information at first place.

Many companies are using this to improve the quality of their products of services by knowing better the costumers wishes through the Internet.   The evolution of Web 2.0, with the rise of media interactive, such as blogs, wikis and social networks, influences the consumer’s behaviour. The various tools that users have in hand allow information to reach the ever more quickly to public, playing the audience with so-called conventional media as sites, newspapers and radio and TV. This fact is accompanied by large organizations, seeking alternatives to attract the attention of consumers.

In cyberspace covered by web 2.0 environment where content production is more democratized the dissemination of products, services and brands often happens without the sender of information is solely the company. In this large digital network, any person may be responsible for creating a place, which generates ramifications for many others, extending the echo of information disclosed. Thus, it is essential to a company is aware of the content available involving your brand or your products.
The digital media allow a closer relationship between business and consumers and demonstrate that this connection can happen in a creative way, dynamic and efficient. Consumers want to explore new forms of interaction, whether for entertainment or consumer and market professionals should remain alert to means of contact with its stakeholders in order to get out in front of their
competitors, given the need of consumers / surfers.


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You. Web 2.0

The cover of Time magazine says it all.
Web 2.0 is a reality. The information age is a reality. And nothing in the world is more real than you (you).

If you are real, what you create is real. This is the key consolidated the concept of the new Web 2.0!

Write your news. Put your point of view. Collaborate with others.

Tell the world what you think and someone will pay to have your opinion. Seems joke. But it is not.

Welcome to the new Era!

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Hi all,

Last semester this blog was dedicated to my Enterprise 2.0 unit on QUT. Now I will use this same space to write about web 2.0 to the unit “INN347 WEB 20 APPLICATIONS”. Those next posts will be part of my unit assignment so feel free to comment anything you want. The most you comment the better feedback I will have.

I will leave published the posts from last semester so feel free to visit them too!!!


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